Frequently Asked Questions

Are Axene Continuing Education Courses Accredited?2022-11-03T03:52:08+00:00

Our courses award CE hours through Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Provider #600855.

Will I Receive a Completion Certificate for CE Hours?2022-10-21T17:48:18+00:00

Axene Continuing Education will email you a certificate as soon as you have completed the course. You may also download a copy of the certificate from the website at My Dashboard at anytime.

Will My State Accept Axene Continuing Education CE Hours?2022-10-27T18:08:32+00:00

Our courses award CE hours through Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Provider #600855. Please check with your State EMS Agency to confirm they have reciprocity with Texas.

Does NREMT Accept Axene Continuing Education CE Hours?2022-10-27T18:17:52+00:00

Yes! The NREMT accepts State EMS office recognized education. Axene Continuing Education, LLC is approved to provide CE by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Provider #600855.

What’s the Most CE Hours I Can Earn in a Day?2022-10-27T18:19:11+00:00

Our website is available 24 hours a day to provide CE courses on demand. Keep in mind most states accept up to 12 hours per 24 hour day. It is your responsibility to determine how many hours you are allowed.

Do Your Lectures Count as Distributive Education?2022-09-12T02:19:09+00:00

Yes.  Our lectures are considered F3 or distributive learning.

I’m Not From Texas, Will These Courses be Helpful to Me?2022-09-12T02:16:02+00:00

Yes!  Our courses are designed to be applicable to EMS providers everywhere, regardless of state of residence.

What are the NREMT Certification Requirements?2022-10-27T18:20:19+00:00

Please refer to the NREMT website for the most up to date requirements for certification: https://nremt.org/document/recertification

Are Your Classes Compatible with Phones or Tablet Devices?2022-10-21T22:39:21+00:00

Yes, our classes are compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Who Developed the Content for Your Courses?2022-12-28T22:41:36+00:00

Our lecture content is developed by Dr. Erik Axene. In addition to being a board-certified ER physician in multiple states, he also holds a master’s degree in Education with an emphasis in learning styles. Dr. Axene uses his years working in the fire service, his tenure as an EMS medical director, his clinical experience working in some of the busiest trauma centers in the country and his innovative approach to teaching to create EMS medical education unlike anything else on the market.

Does Axene Continuing Education Offer Live Courses?2022-09-12T02:38:51+00:00

Please check back, we will be offering live (F5) courses soon!

Does Axene Continuing Education Offer the Texas DSHS Jurisprudence Course?2022-11-03T03:47:52+00:00

Please check back, we will be offering Jurisprudence soon!

What if I Want a Refund on a Course?2022-11-03T03:51:03+00:00

We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on all courses. If for some reason you start a course and feel like the content and presentation style is not for you, please contact us below and we’ll issue a refund. A course completion certificate must not have been issued for any courses.

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