Why Choose Axene CE?

We Make EMS Continuing Education Fun!

We're passionate about making learning an enjoyable experience.

We are redefining the boundaries of continuing education, turning mundane CEs into entertaining learning experiences. For us, continuing education goes beyond mere checkboxes. Our focus is on providing unparalleled content that equips emergency responders with the knowledge and skills required to meet the unique challenges and responsibilities of the job.

Customer Service

At Axene Continuing Education we pride ourselves on offering timely, responsive, white glove customer service. Each interaction with our customers is met with a commitment to swift acknowledgment and resolution, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.

Custom Branded LMS

Our Learning Management System (LMS) offers a tailored solution for continuing education customers. With a focus on user experience and engagement, our LMS provides a seamless platform for delivering and managing educational content.

Podcast-Style Content

We are fully committed to delivering industry leading, cutting edge, practical content. Our EMS Continuing Education courses are developed and instructed by an award-winning ER doctor with a Master’s degree in education. Enjoy entertaining content in a podcast style that keeps you engaged and motivated. 

CE Tracking and Reporting

Our platform allows users to track CE progress, print certificates and update and manage licensing. Department admin functions can track user progress and performance as well as provide detailed reports on participation, completion rates, credential status, and other metrics.

We're so confident you'll love our content...

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We guarantee you have never seen a lecture like this before. If we can make a topic like Stretcher Safety entertaining, imagine what else we can do!