Our Story

Why We're Passionate About Continuing Education
Hi, I'm Dr. Erik Axene, an ER physician and EMS medical director, and the founder of Axene CE. 

My journey into creating a groundbreaking educational experience started with a simple observation: I noticed that departments were spending thousands of dollars on EMS education, wasting time and money. While it allowed them to check the necessary boxes for compliance, patient care was taking a back seat to convenience. I believe it's possible to achieve it all - keeping your license up to date, improving patient care, decreasing liability, and having fun while learning!

Why We're Different

In the world of virtual Continuing Education (CE), it's all too common to press "play" and walk away. I wanted to change that. At Axene CE, our mission is to create an innovative and engaging learning experience. Education should be dynamic, not mundane and boring. The true measure of success is how our training translates to the field. I recall a fire chief from the Southwest region who brought his team together to watch an hour of our content. They were so hooked that they ended up watching an additional three hours – just for fun! That’s the Axene CE difference - it's not just education for the sake of certification; it's about genuinely enjoying learning and improving skills.

Our courses are designed from the ground up to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to excel in high-pressure situations. We want to augment your existing EMS training program to help ensure that your communities are safer and better served.

  • Engaging Content: When I held rattlesnakes in Sweetwater, Texas, it wasn't just for thrills; it was to create an educational experience that my students would never forget. No more "Death by PowerPoint."
  • Real Results: We recently published a study showing our students mastering the content with an average score of 94.5%, compared to the industry standard performance of 70.4%. Even more impressive, seven months later, our students retained 88% more information. When you remember what you learn you can apply it in real-life situations.

Meet Our Team

Behind every engaging lesson is a dedicated team who bring their experience and expertise to the table. Together, we’re committed to making your education practical, memorable, and, most importantly, impactful.