nate taylor

Medical Education Content Developer

From the battlefield to the classroom, Major (Retired) Nathaniel J. Taylor, or Nate, is a medical expert with a passion for teaching and service. Nate has provided emergency medical care and trauma stabilization in diverse settings such as Afghanistan, Thailand, and the remote northern shores of Alaska.

As an adjunct faculty member at Northern Arizona University’s Physician Assistant Program, Nate has trained over 120 Physician Assistants in clinical and emergency medicine. He has also served as an instructor for point of injury trauma management for Honor Health’s Military Partnership program, teaching over 1,000 students across numerous classes. In his role as an Emergency Medicine PA, Nate has been responsible for the initial work and stabilization at various medical centers, including a Level II Trauma Center, Stroke Center, Heart Center, and Behavioral Health Hospital.

Nate’s dedication to the field has led him to train over 200 Emergency Medical Technicians and serve as Primary Care Manager for over 900 soldiers for four years. His strong commitment to training and education, led Nate to teach over 400 Fire and Police responders on HAZMAT and CBRN response concepts.

In addition to his medical work, Nate is also an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Dallas Christian College and a Prehospital Medical Education Content Developer at Axene Continuing Education. In these roles, Nate continues to mentor and educate students, ensuring they receive the best training possible to succeed in their chosen fields.

Nate’s impressive background and unwavering dedication to his profession make him a true inspiration. He resides in Oak Point, Texas, where he continually pursues his passion for medicine and teaching while making a positive impact on the lives of his patients and students alike.

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