Devin LaFreniere

Media Director

Devin LaFreniere has over 25 years of video production experience and truly enjoys his craft.

Devin received his Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications and started his career in Rhode Island. While he reminisces on the best “lobstah” and “chowdah” he’s ever eaten, Devin remembers the good ol’ days of shooting on videotape and making VHS copies for his clients.

His career has taken him all over the country, producing video content for museums, the Big 3 auto industry and major network television stations. Devin has lived and worked In Detroit (home of Motown) and southern California (home of Hollywood). He has had the rare opportunity to be immersed in all aspects of video production.

As Devin leads our media department, he brings a unique set of skillsets helping to deliver critical lifesaving teaching to our audience in a way that is visually stimulating, fun and entertaining.

Devin currently lives in the North Dallas area with his wife and two kids.

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