Meet Our Team

Here's What 132 Years of Teaching Experience Looks Like...

Axene Continuing Education started with the simple idea that learning should be fun! We are a passionate team that prioritizes high-quality education without taking ourselves too seriously.

Erik Axene

Founder and Director of Curriculum

Dr. Axene is an ER physician and EMS Medical Director. He holds a Master’s Degree in Education and firmly believes that students learn more effectively when they enjoy the learning process.

Matt Ball

Educator and Curriculum Developer

Matt Ball is a firefighter, paramedic and registered nurse. As an EMS continuing education instructor Matt enjoys making complicated information easy to understand in a fun and interactive way.

Adam Klaff

Educator and Curriculum Developer

Adam Klaff is a practicing Physician Assistant working in pulmonary/critical care medicine. Adam enjoys creating curriculum to deliver practical, life-saving information in a relatable manner.

Nate Taylor

Medical Education Content Developer

Nate Taylor is a seasoned Physician Assistant with expertise in emergency medicine, trauma care, and medical education. His dedication to service and patients inspires countless students.

Philip Hyde

Medical Education Content Developer

Philip Hyde is an experienced Firefighter and Paramedic. He values helping new and experienced Firefighters stay informed on the ever-changing and complex emergency response environment.

David Axene

Executive Director & Health Consultant

David Axene is recognized as a strategist and industry thought leader. He is an internationally recognized health care consultant providing consulting to all types of health care organizations.

Jon Speier

sales and marketing director

Jon Speier anchors the Sales and Marketing team for Axene Continuing Education. He connects with each client to get to know their CE requirements and works to build a lasting relationship.

Danny Springer

regional sales director

Danny Springer’s passion for helping others shines through in his role as Regional Sales Director with Axene Continuing Education. The values of teamwork, dedication, coachability, and honesty define Danny.

Deborah Axene

project director

Deborah Axene’s background in dentistry brings a focus and attention to detail that guides the ACE team. From admin to making sure each lecture checks all the boxes, she keeps ACE on course.

Devin LaFreniere

media director

As a seasoned media professional, Devin LaFreniere leads the production efforts for ACE. He earned a degree in telecommunications and still recalls the good ol’ days of shooting on videotape.

Duke Axene

Mascot/Very Good Boy

Duke Axene is a rescued racing Greyhound. He spends his time now watching over the ACE team, brightening everyone’s mood, and sleeping. Duke also likes to the ponder the question: Who’s a good boy?