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ACE: Axene Continuing Education

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“Never thought I could laugh so much during a CE but man this one was hilarious! These guys teach in a similar manner to how a discussion around the kitchen table in a firehouse would go.”

Kacie Harlan, Set Medic

“Love how y’all teach. You’re making education and teaching fun again. Making it clear to understand on any level.”

Miles Matthews, FTO Prosper Fire Rescue

“Perfection. This is needed across the country.”

Aaron Curry, FTO McKinney Fire Department

“Dr Axene and Matt are simply the best! Smart and funny, and great to watch.”

Autumn Wood, RN, Clinical Supervisor

“In my 35 years of experience, this is the best EMS CE I’ve ever seen.”

Dane Lynn, GMR, Clinical Education Specialist

“The Axene platform was user-friendly, and the instructors kept the class entertaining and educational. Great work!”

Chief Paul Dow, Fire Chief McKinney FD

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