Erik Axene

Founder and Director of Curriculum

From the emergency room to the classroom, Dr. Erik Axene is a true educator at heart. The road from high school teacher to ACE founder might appear to be a direct connection but there were plenty of points of interests along the way. After a year break from medical school turned into a decade long career in education, Dr. Axene found his way back to the medical field. His time as a volunteer fireman helped inform his decision to pursue a career in emergency medicine where he could combine his experience as physician, teacher, and firefighter as an EMS Medical Director.

Throughout this time there was a guiding quote from Dr. Axene’s uncle and mentor Dirk Simon always on his mind: “If you’re not having fun teaching, your students aren’t having fun learning.” Those words evolved into the ‘learning fun’ motto at the core of everything Erik pursues.

Dr. Axene holds a Master’s Degree in Education and an MD. He played collegiate football, competed as a decathlete and has wrestled for the USA freestyle association.

Dr. Axene lives in North Texas with his wife and kids. It’s hard to pin down where you’ll find him next, but no doubt he’ll make sure he’s learning and having fun.